Is CBD Oil legal in South Africa?

Is CBD Oil legal in South Africa?


As of May, 2019, the Department of Health (Government Notice No. 756 of 2019 Medicines and Related Substances Act (101/1965)) made the decision to make cannabidiol (CBD) available for wholesale distribution in South Africa.


However, what exactly does this mean? In order for CBD Oil to be legal in South Africa, there are a few requirements in order for it to comply with the South African Government Laws.


-       Products must contain less than 20mg per daily dose of CBD

-       Products may not contain more than 0.001% THC

-       Products are to be labelled for general health maintenance, relief of minor symptoms or enhancement. No medical claims to be made

-       CBD must be derived from hemp plants rather than marijuana plants


However, with the government opening up the CBD market, it has made way for many unverified buyers to make quick money. This is where complications lie, and where COA (certificate of analysis) is so important. A COA, allows you to see exactly how many Cannabinoids are in your CBD product. If a company cannot provide you with a COA, think twice when purchasing. You never know if there’s too much THC, or even no CBD at all.


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With this being said, if a company claims to cure or treat any condition, this is also illegal, and you should be wary when purchasing from them


In conclusion, when asking yourself "where can I buy CBD oil in South Africa?” remember to check for a COA and that the company does not make any medical claims.

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