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Cure Homemade is a proudly South African manufacturer and supplier of a wide variety of CBD-infused products. Our company was established in 2020 and is focused solely on providing the South African market with high-quality, yet affordable, hemp and CBD products. At Cure Homemade, our aim is not only to supply our clients with a product where they know exactly what they are getting, but also to ensure that they are well-informed on the full potential CBD offers. When you purchase from us, you receive more than just a product, you receive our support, as well as our advice on which products would best benefit you and your unique needs. We do not manufacture and supply our products for the mass market, but rather for you, the individual.

Our Story

The story behind Cure Homemade is far more personal and inspiring than one may think. One of our owners and founders, Robyn, experienced something that nobody should ever have to go through. In her final year of varsity, she became incredibly ill and was misdiagnosed with Leukaemia, which, as one could imagine, brought on a heavy set of anxiety. After being recommended to several different specialists, the final prognosis was to prescribe exceptionally strong medication, which not only affected her overall functionality, but also her mental health.

After some time, and numerous doctor’s visits, Robyn was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis and Fibromyalgia, which causes chronic pain and inflammation. However, the medication that had been prescribed was continuing to affect her negatively. To stop these affects, and reduce her reliance on said medication, she began seeking out natural substitutes to alleviate her symptoms. The issue was – there were so many varieties of CBD products available on the market, and nobody to guide her on which to use. The end result? Thousands spent, and zero progress made.

After attending a cannabis exposition and researching everything there is to know about the world of CBD, she realised that the industry had become overrun with unregulated, overpriced products. After months of testing different products, Robyn finally found a certified product that not only worked, but also listed all ingredients that were present in it. Thanks to this product, she was able to start weaning off the heavy medication and made the switch to CBD. During this time, she found that there were several other people that went through the exact same struggle of being put on heavy medication, and, when trying to switch over to natural substitutes, spending thousands only to be met with no results.

This is when Cure Homemade was envisaged. Our owners wanted to disrupt the industry, and start a company where customers knew exactly what they were getting, at a highly affordable price. Not only this, but they wanted to assist people that were just starting their CBD journeys. As such, Cure Homemade strives not only to supply South Africa with products that have been manufactured at the highest standard of quality, but also to inform customers on which products would best suit their needs and alleviate their symptoms.

Why Choose US

High-Quality Ingredients


Locally Sourced


Free from Harmful Chemicals



Respect Each Person’s View & Journey
Guide others on their Journey



 Our Vision

To provide high-quality, competitively priced CBD products to the South African Market, allowing people from all walks of life to test various luxurious products at an affordable rate.

Our Mission

To educate South Africa on the monumental benefits CBD has to offer by providing them with products that are manufactured with organic, high-quality, and locally sourced ingredients.