CBD For Anxiety and Stress

Most  CBD users find that when taking small amounts of CBD (micro dosing) it eases Anxiety and Stress. Even though research around the effectiveness of CBD for Anxiety is still in early phases.

Researchers believe that CBD interacts with a receptor in your brain known as CB1.

When you have an Anxiety disorder, your levels of serotonin are low, which your CB1 regulates. When CBD interacts with your CB1, it regulates serotonin levels. Thus alleviating Anxiety.

Research has proven that CBD oil may be powerful in treating diverse varieties of anxiety, together with:

  • post traumatic pressure disease (PTSD)
  •  Generalised Anxiety disease (GAD)
  •  Social Anxiety disorder

If you are struggling with Anxiety, we suggest trying out Anxiety Relief Capsules or a 600mg CBD Oil

CBD Bath Salts are also a great stress reliever. Relax and soak up all the goodness! 

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