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CBD Oil for Pets

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For every Pet Oil sold R50 will be donated to Sharons Foster Furries, to learn more about what they do for our beloved furry friends you can find them on Facebook at Sharons Foster Furriers

This oil is made especially for you furry members in your home. It contains 300mg CBD isolate in 30ml. This oil helps promote overall health, and treat any unhappy symptoms your furry friend may experience. 

Add the oil to food or give directly daily 

Maximum dose per day: 

Small dog / cat – 5mg (10 drops per day)

Medium dog – 10mg (20 drops per day)

Large dog – 15mg (30 drops per day)

Certified CBD isolate 

Suitable for cats and dogs 

Contains 0% THC

Known to have pain relief benefits in animals

MCTs support metabolism and the GUT

CBD has anti inflammatory properties which can reduce pain and swelling, as well as help older animals with arthritis

Could promote a healthy appetite

Has been know to help with anxiety and stress

It is always recommended to speak to a vet before giving your pet any supplements

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What dosage should I be taking? 

- With CBD there is no right dosage. We are all different. If you are new to cbd we always recommend buying a lower dose oil/capsules and taking 10 drops initially. If in 20 minutes you find it is not helping, take more. Do not exceed 20mg per day

Will I get high? 

- No, you will not get high. The 'high' feeling comes from THC and none of our products contain CBD 

If I have a drug test will it show up?

- No, all of our products contain 0% THC, which is what shows up on a drug test

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

My dog has been on this for about a week now and he's showing significant improvement in his mobility already (arthritis). Would recommend.

Renee Leeuwner
Doing wonders for my senior dog

It has been amazing to see the transformation of my senior dog since we've started using this oil.

Pain Management in German Shepherd

Quite frankly we are blown away by how quickly this oil has worked for our GSD. Our boy suffers from a genetic disorder called Luxating Patella. Our Vets advise no surgery is required at this time but to continue to manage his obvious pain and discomfort. We have had him on Rimadyl - one tablet a day (half in the morning and half in the evening). He as been limping and sometimes not putting any weight on the affected leg at all. Looking for a natural alternative to the drug (which causes liver damage long-term) we discovered Cure Homemade CBD Oil for pets. Our boy has been on this now for 10 days while we have slowly reduced his Rimadyl intake to just 1/4 tab a day - the difference needs to be seen to be believed. His bounce is back :) Yes he still limps and I guess he always will but he is putting more weight on the affected leg and begs us to play (gentle play so he doesn't hurt himself) - I would recommend this product to anyone willing to listen - FANTASTIC THANK YOU!